What are the benefits?

Cool Gels contain essential oils known throughout the ages for their healing and cosmetic properties. They not only have therapeutic benefits for the body, but also enhance the emotional and cognitive levels. The formulation of Cool Gels is remarkably effective as a result of the rapid absorption of the active ingredients.

Eczema Gel

Eczema is a complex problem and can require a multi-dimensional approach, which includes attention to the diet and stress levels of the person.

Psoriasis Gel

The essential oils in this gel promote healing, hydrate, cool, relieve pain and soften skin. The gel is anti-inflammatory and prevents skin peeling.

Foot Gel

It provides relief for tired, burning or tingling feet and has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties to help deodorise the feet and reduce perspiration.

Circulation Gel

When the vitality of your blood circulation is lacking it might be that small lesions and wounds heal very slowly, and you may feel the cold more easily.