About Us

Cool Gels is a Western Cape based business involved with the manufacturing of natural, water-based health and cosmetic products. These products obtain extraordinary results with the alleviation of ailments such as arthritis, sinusitis and eczema.

Cool Gels contain essential oils known throughout the ages for their healing and cosmetic properties. They not only have therapeutic benefits for the body, but also enhance emotional and cognitive levels.

Only the best quality essential oils and herb extracts are used in professionally researched formulations.

The formulations of Cool Gels are remarkably effective as a result of the rapid absorption of the active ingredients.

Cool Gels are satin-soft and non-sticky on the skin. They are non-flaky and non-oily, PH-balanced and free from colourants. They dry quickly, apply easily and do not leave a residue.

Cool Gels contain only the natural aromas of the essential oils and herbs they carry.

An additional bonus is the mood enhancing characteristics that many of the essential oils and herbs possess.

What makes the Cool Gels so extraordinary?

We work in association with reputable suppliers of essential oils and other raw products. Strict quality control is being exercised throughout the production process.

Top quality raw materials are used. Only high potency, certified ingredients are sourced. We have developed and manufacture our own water-based gel.

It is formulated in such a way as to enhance the absorption ability of the active ingredients and to preserve their potency.

The products were developed through the contributions and cooperation of the pharmacological, chemical and botanical professions.