Sandi Katz

Ingrid Hughs
October 12, 2016

I would just like to offer a testimonial about your incredible product “Cool Gels.” I have had severe eczema for over 20 years which had been treated by various G.P’s and dermatologists with increasing doses of cortisone and other assorted lotions. I tried cutting out wheat and sugar, tried tea tree oils, bio gel, herbal remedies in my bath water, laser treatment, dermabrasion…the list goes on.

When you first told me about the product you are marketing, I must say I was not even slightly interested as I had just resigned myself to the fact that I would be living with this condition for the rest of my life and nothing I did made the slightest difference. The skin on my face and neck had taken a beating and it showed, but since I thought I had tried everything it just didn’t seem feasible that your gel would do anything besides make me spend more money. When I found out the price however, I decided to give it a shot as I wouldn’t be losing anything.

I applied the gel religiously every night instead of my normal moisturiser and couldn’t quite believe it when on the third or fourth day my eczema literally vanished. I kept at it thinking that it was a fluke and my eczema would return as soon as it got used to the cream, but weeks later it was still clear. I decided to stop using the gel to see what would happen and within a few days I started getting eczema around my nose and on my forehead. After one application of the gel again it was gone.

But that’s not all! It almost looks like I have had a mini facelift or something! My skin is glowing and looks fresh. I can honestly say that I have never seen it looking so good. The pigmentation marks on my cheek and neck have diminished significantly and I can only attribute that to your miracle gel. I am only using the gel now and have ditched all my other oils and creams which cost me an arm and a leg.

THANK YOU for persuading me to try it, some days I forget what it was like having eczema and it’s the most wonderful feeling to finally be rid of it.

Kind regards