Ingrid Hughs

Sandi Katz
October 12, 2016
Jackie Verster
October 12, 2016

Hi, my name is Ingrid Hughs and I suffer from psoriasis on the back of my legs.

I have suffered with this ailment for many years and very little has helped.

The last prescription I had for my ailment cost me over R350.

I was pretty desperate and when I was told about Cool Gels Psoriasis I thought I would give it a try as I was running out of the prescription cream, which actually did nothing for me.

Well after a week of applying the gel my psoriasis disappeared. I am totally sold on Cool Gels now and approximately once a week it threatens to reappear I then simply apply Cool Gels and I can then survive another week. I find Cool Gels the best and cheapest product for my ailment.

Since my last application of Cool Gels Psoriasis, 3 weeks ago, I have not had reason to use the gels anymore as my Psoriasis has gone into remission. I cannot say what a relief it is to not worry about the condition anymore. I will always carry a jar of Cool Gels Psoriasis with me just for insurance.